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The culminating activity for this course is the creation of a positive and sustainable web presence and digital profile. A close reading of several plays of different periods and styles and a general examination of the elements out of which all plays are made -- dialogue, character, plot. Financial institutions and capital markets form the basis of the financial system in our global economy. Schwendler), Automatic Data Processing (Henry Taub), Duracell (Samuel Ruben), Bugle Boy (William C. Explores types of food systems, including production, transformation, distribution, access and consumption and Explores the impact on the environment and human health. A exploration of biological theories of human evolution, properties, and behavior. In the 1930s, the abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, and the realists Edward Hopper and Thomas Hart Benton had studios around Washington Square. Through the examination of works of visual art, literary representations and philosophy, students develop an understanding of the moral and ethical issues surrounding lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered/queer identity. The expansion started in earnest in 2017 with the groundbreaking of 181 Mercer Street, a new multi-purpose building that will act as the flagship athletic facility for NYU, while also accompanying a 350-bed Residence Hall, 58 general purpose classrooms and a 350-seat theater.[122] The roughly 800,000-square-foot (74,000 m2), $1.1 billion building is directly adjacent to the south eastern corner of the Washington Square campus and represents a significant focus on the university owner super blocks. Summer 2019 courses will be available in January. An examination of the World Ocean and the chemical, geological, biological, and physical processes that control its major features and the life that inhabits it. This course is offered as both AAS 371 and ANT 371. In the 1990s, NYU became a "two square" university by building a second community around Union Square, in close proximity to Washington Square. Washington Square and Greenwich Village have been hubs of cultural life in New York City since the early 19th century. One study compared the families of children who were rated among the most creative 5 percent in their school system with those who were not unusually creative. Congratulations to Colgate's women's hockey team on an outstanding season. Students continue to develop rhetorical awareness, analytical proficiency, and academic research skills. Students will learn the basic vocabulary of business ethics. May not be taken for credit in addition to CHE 129 or CHE 152.

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Students will be placed into CHE 131 based on their performance in an Online Chemistry Placement and Preparation (OCPP) process. This is an advanced course, designed to examine and research new developments and professional concerns in human resource management. Mani Chandy, former Vice Provost and Dean of Research at Stanford University Arthur Bienenstock, former head of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jeffrey P. Such problems as urbanization, drugs and crime, unemployment, and environmental degradation are considered. Topics include the development of prejudice among children; the role of cognitive, social, personality, and motivational factors in maintaining prejudice and stigma; the psychological consequences of prejudice and stigma; and strategies for reducing prejudice, stigma, and intergroup conflict. Topics include the demand for health care; the roles of hospitals, physicians, and HMOs in the supply of health care; the role of the government in the provision of health care; and the detriments of health care costs. EDL 595 should be taken immediately before, during or after the internship. May be repeated as the topic changes. Examination of contemporary social problems in the United States, identifying how each problem is experienced in other countries, and how each is connected to global level processes or institutions. An introduction to selected musical genres and styles from around the world with an emphasis on music making in relation to the social and cultural practices of various peoples. Four laboratory hours and one lecture hour per week. The relationships between freedom of the press and the public's right to know are also explored. The social differences between face-to-face and virtual learning will also be examined and discussed throughout the course. Receive notifications of new posts by email. Topics include: optimization via linear, integer,and goal programming; simulation; decision and break-even analysis; and forecasting. A course designed to increase vocabulary and oral comprehension of French through the study of realms from clothing and banking to love and music. Formal framework for ethical decision making will be presented, and tested through careful examination of case studies drawn from engineering and industry. Areas to be covered include the household's decision-making process and the supply of labor, investments in human capital and discrimination in the marketplace, the effect of market structure on the demand for labor, and the distribution of income. Physically separate from the main campus, on the other side of New York State Route 104, is the south campus, consisting of Laker Hall (indoor sports, coaching classrooms, and athletic training rooms), Romney Fieldhouse (a Quonset hut that hosted the Laker hockey program until fall 2006) and several athletic fields.

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A practical introduction to the science and engineering of objects and phenomena in everyday life. Current topics in women's studies such as social issues in science or women in science. The Fales Collection houses collections of English and American fiction in the United States, the unique Downtown Collection, documenting the New York literary avante-garde arts scene from the 1970s to the present, and the Food and Cookery Collection, which documents American food history with a focus on New York City. A study of the structure of firms and markets and interactions between them. Topics that focus on the medicolegal significance of the recovery and analysis of human remains will be covered. Topics may include the Sociology of Aging, Sociology of Sexuality, Healthcare Delivery, and the Sociology of Disability. Recent years have witnessed the launch of a $700 million campus-wide renovation and renewal program, uw whitewater creative writing festival with the new Campus Center acting as the social hub of campus. Introduction to the role of applications software in various types of organizations with emphasis on methods of formulating the requisite information flows to engender adequate communications, operation, and control. Our program offers a variety of course options including three-, six-, and twelve-week sessions. Competing theories of the nature of social deviance; stigmatizing, labeling, and application of informal social controls; technical, legal, and ethical issues related to "non-victim" crimes. Evidence shows that creative contributions depend on the breadth, not just depth, of our knowledge and experience. NYU students also compete in club and intramural sports, including badminton, baseball, basketball, crew, cycling, equestrianism, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, rugby, softball, squash, tennis, triathlon, and ultimate. Investment management strategies for both individual and institutional investors will be developed and discussed. Offered as both AFS 374 and SBC 374. Students will explore traditional and non-traditional college populations at two-and four-year institutions. This course is offered as both AFH 368 and EGL 368. The theory of national income determination, employment, distribution, price levels, inflation, and growth. An introductory course in management information systems (MIS).

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A presentation of various topics in social psychology including interpersonal processes, obedience to authority, social perception, attitude change, attraction and liking, and aggression and violence, especially as applied to national and international issues. An introduction to the foundations of writing, offering students a variety of rhetorical strategies and helping them develop creative and critical thinking, fluency, and correctness. Students publish a campus comedy magazine, The Plague. The article documented that these conditions included confiscation of worker passports, forced overtime, recruitment fees and cockroach-filled dorms where workers had to sleep under beds. Moving frames and relative motion. This course is offered as both AAS 260 and RLS 260. The student makes decisions on large-scale and detailed cases in realistic managerial situations and is introduced to the use of the computer. We'll celebrate with exciting and enriching events over the year, and take our first steps into Colgate's bright, bold future. The theoretical and empirical study of financial markets. What is required to be a successful online student? We will read works from several critical pedagogy theorists (Freire, Shor, Giroux, McClaren, Apple, hooks) to explore some of the key themes within critical pedagogy (relationship of education to power; issues of difference and pluralism; transformative education; the social construction of knowledge; dialogic relations in the classroom; teaching for social justice). In addition to SUNY Oswego's vibrant community and encouraging professors, students are offered one of the largest overseas study programs in the northeast.[17] Universities around the world work directly with SUNY Oswego to provide students with internship opportunities and valuable learning experiences.